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Renewable Energy

Solar & PV panels

Generate electricity using sunlight. Solar power systems can focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam, while photovoltaics (PV) convert the energy into electricity.  As energy costs spiral, shifting to solar can make big savings for households. There are an increasing number of easy-fit options available, with the possibility of selling your extra electricity back into the grid.

Electricity batteries

Electricity batteries help you make the most of renewable electricity from a solar PV system or wind or hydro turbine. For example, they can store the electricity generated by your solar PV system during the day when you’re out at work, ready for you to use in the evening. The storage also helps balance out the difference between sunny and cloudy days so you can be guaranteed consistent power for your home – or your electric vehicle.
The capacity of a typical home battery storage system could be up to 16kWh, but there are also other ‘stackable’ or bespoke systems if you need more capacity. A typical 4kWh system would be able to power the kettle 37 times.

Solar thermal water heating

Generate hot water using natural sunlight – another way to save money.  Rooftop collectors gather the power from sunlight and use it to heat water in a hot water cylinder. You can use your boiler or immersion heater as a back-up or to heat the water further.  

Air source heat pumps

Generate energy through heat from the air. Heat pumps are another way to create hot water to heat your home. They absorb heat from the air and transfer it to a liquid, which is compressed to increase the temperature further. This heat is transferred from the liquid into water which is used to heat your home, either through radiators or underfloor heating.

Electric vehicle charging

Set-up at home or your offices to charge your electric vehicle. Electric vehicle sales are booming and in just a few years around half of all new cars sold will be electric. Charging points are becoming easier to find, but not every home has one. Depending on your vehicle and the speed of charging, there are a number of options available. We can advise and quickly fit the one you need.


LED lighting

From art installations to entire festivals, LED lights have come a long way from their humble beginnings as power indicators.  Now LED is the most efficient bulb choice for your home, reducing your lighting bill by up to 90%.  


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